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Aurora Skate Center has been a community resource since 1955. We pride ourselves on our hardwood maple floating floor (81x174; considered a large intermediate sized floor).

We offer something for everyone, from the little ones to "seasoned" adults. Programs include sessions for homeschoolers, children with disabilities, morning exercise (Fitness Skate), school and church fundraisers, Thursday's Family Night PizzaFest, as well as competitive teams for figure and speed skaters and a Women's Roller Derby league, the Aurora 88s.

Our "School and Skate" programs include:

  • First report card – free pass for every “A" (grades 5 - 8)
  • The summer  10-week “Skate Free" pass program
  • “Rebate Skate” fundraisers for schools' parent organizations
  • Fundraiser “Skate Parties” for schools' parent organizations (to read the "small print," see "School and Skate Programs" under the Parties menu).

We have a huge selection of music (155,174 songs and counting!!!) in our computer. On Mondays we host a live organ-music dance session with Frank Pellico, organist for the Chicago Blackhawks, playing the only triple-deck Hammond X-66 Pipe Organ (w/ 26-ranks of pipes) in the country. See Friday and Saturday night on the "Daily Calendar" for "Fresh Fridays" and "Old vs. New School Saturdays!"






Live Organ-Music Dance Session: Mondays, 7:30-10:30pm following the Adult Class from 6:30-7:30:

A live organ-music programmed dance session with Frank Pellico, organist for the Chicago Blackhawks at the United Center, playing the only triple-deck Hammond X-66 pipe organ in the country with 26 ranks of pipes. The structured program is geared toward traditional skate dance numbers. All ages are welcome to attend, although most of our regulars range in age from their 40s to 80s.  Session includes four dance sets, foxtrots, moonlight waltzes, the trio and conga, the rhomp and power rhomps, etc.  Occasional potluck parties, costume parties, and celebrations (our skaters frequently bring a cake for everyone on their birthday or anniversary...they get in free that night).  See the "Daily Calendar" for information on potluck & costume parties and other special events on this evening.

Fitness Skate: Wednesdays, 10:00am-12:00pm
followed by the Adult Class from 12:00-1:00

All ages can enjoy this Wednesday morning session (Coffee Clutch, Stroller Skate) that we now call the "Fitness Skate."  The participants tend to be adults who are free in the morning and want exercise.  All ages are welcome so bring your friends and visiting relatives!


Children with disabilities program on Wednesdays from 5:00-6:00pm.  WDSRA (Western DuPage Special Recreation Association) generally hosts an 8-week and a 6-week program in the fall and then the spring.  See the "Daily Calendar" for the scheduled dates.

Adult R&B Soul Night: "Steppin and Skating"

Every Wednesday evening from 8:00-11:30 we are hosting an Adult R&B "Steppin & Skating" session with DJSteveSoSmooth (Steve Wilkerson, who teaches steppin at the Rink Fitness Factory on the East side).  Steppin teachers every week to guide you into the wonderful world of Steppin.
Admission: $10 (includes rental skates, if needed).

Homeschool Session: Thursdays, 10am-2pm (closed during the summer)

Exercise, fun & games, and fellowship during our weekly roller skating session for homeschooled children and parents (parents skate free).  Admission: $6 (includes rental skates, if needed).  Snackbar will be open.  Music: Christian rock and Radio Disney acceptable.  Thursday, September 4, 2014 begins the new season.

Family Night PizzaFest: Thursdays, 5:00-8:00pm

Come join us for exercise, fun & games, and dinner.  Admission includes a slice of our excellent pizza and a medium soda.  Admission: $7. Skate Rental: $4 (regular, speed, and inline).  Snackbar will be open.

Fresh Fridays Skate Party: Friday Nights, 7:30-11:00pm

Our most popular session for young people. All ages welcome. "Get Your Skate On!" Mixing Live with DJ Suavesmooth. Live world-wide internet radio, broadcast on www.247hitz.com & www.djsuavesmooth.com! Top 40 & all of those Classic Skate Jams. Big Battle, Games, Races! All ages welcome. This is a skating party!!! Admission: $8.  Skate Rental: $4 (regular, speed, or inline).  Snackbar will be open.

>>>Click link here to listen <<<


Old Vs New Saturdays: Saturday Nights, 7:30-11:00pm

Saturday evening is our "Old vs. New" session. Lots of families and young people. DJ Patrick mixing live. We go back and forth between Old-school and New-school all night long! All ages welcome.  Games, races & more! Admission: $8. Skate Rental: $4.00 (regular, speed, or inline). Snackbar will be open.


Weekend Matinees and School's Out & Holiday Matinees

Our popular Saturday and Sunday afternoon sessions for young people and families.  Think moms and dads and kids and birthday parties.  Great fun, games, four corners, the hokey-pokey, backwards skate, couples (we call it "buddies and partners," 2 or 3 people holding hands), the races, and prizes.  Admission: $6 (spectating parents and grandparents welcome, no charge);  Skate Rental: $4 (regular, speed, and inline).  Snackbar will be open. Please remember that everyone in the building is required to have skates on (except spectating parents, grandparents & babies and non-skating toddlers three or four and under).  The Aurora Skate Center is not available for hanging out.

To see our "Schools Out" schedule go to the "School and Skate Programs" link for the 21 Rebate Skate dates tied to the school district schedule and also see the "Daily Calendar" for day-to-day activities at the Aurora Skate Center. See the "Daily Calendar" for the Winter Break and Spring Break schedules.

The summer matinees are held every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1:00-4:00pm from June 9, 2015 through August 13, 2015.  Everyone is welcome, all ages. Admission: $6 (spectating parents and grandparents welcome, no charge);  Skate Rental: $4 (regular, speed, and inline).  Snackbar will be open. During the summer of 2014, 90,500 passes were distributed to the elementary and middle schools in 11 school districts that allowed the students to skate free (no admission) once-a-week for ten weeks.  The passes must be in your possession and are for the person holding the pass only.  Everyone is welcome each day; the passes can only be used on the designated day (yellow-Tuesday, blue-Wednesday, green-Thursday).