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We Are Open!!!


Current 2020 Summer/Fall Schedule: 

MONDAY- 7:30-10:00PM With Carl DeSanti LIVE! (Live Muscian, adult program Dance session) $10. Admission, $4. Skate Rental. (if needed)

TUESDAY- Available for private rentals! 

WEDNESDAY- 8:00-11:00PM Adult Night! (ages 17+) $10. Admission, $4. Skate Rental (if needed)

THURSDAY- Available for private rentals!

FRIDAY- 7:30-10:30PM FRI-YAY SK8! (Geared towards Teens/Families, with Top 40/Pop and newer music) $10. Admission, $4. Skate Rental (if needed)

SATURDAY- 1:00-4:00PM Matinee (all ages, geared towards little kids/families) $8. Admission, $4. Skate Rental (if needed) & 7:30-10:30PM Skate Night! (mix of new and old music, geared towards skating families and pre-teen+) $10. Admission, $4. Skate Rental (if needed)

SUNDAY- Available for private rental! (Fall 1-4pm Matinee's will return in November)



Please be patient with us as we transistion into reopening.
The safety of our staff and customers is our highest priority!
We reserve the right to change our policies at any time for the safety of our staff and customers.


MASKS:  All persons entering our facility will be required to have a mask.  Masks must be worn in the building with the exception of while skating on our floor per state requirements.  Employees will wear masks.
WATER FOUNTAIN:  Our water fountain will NOT be functioning per state requirements.  Bottled water is available from our snack bar and vending machines.

SOCIAL DISTANCING:  Please respect others while in our facility and try to maintain a 6 foot distance from one another.

CLEANING:  We will be performing extra cleaning of surfaces and our building before, during and after sessions as additional precautions.

SNACK BAR TABLES:  Due to social distancing, we must limit our table seating.  Please note that unattended items left on a table, will be thrown away.  Please throw your trash away before leaving the table.  Tables will be sanitized regularly.  Please be considerate of other patrons who wish to use the table to eat and drink.

CAPACITY:  Our capacity will be limited by state requirements.  As such, we reserve the right to refuse entry to spectators and limit session size.

HAND WASHING/SANITIZER:  We encourage everyone to use our hand sanitizer and also to wash their hand frequently while in our facility.

RISKS:  As in any public place, there is a risk of being exposed to another person with an active virus and becoming infected.  You assume that risk anytime you are in public areas including our facility.

SICKNESS:  If you are sick or think you are sick, please stay home.  We screen our staff daily for symptoms.  All customers will have their temperature taken prior to entering our facility.
If you are uncomfortable with any of our policies, please do not come.  We will not be offended and understand.


All tickets are being sold at the door!

Due to limited capacity, we are not accepting Free Passes or honoring punch cards at this time.. They do not expire. Please hold ontop them for fututre use!

We have time slots available for private Sessions, Parties and Birthday parties!


If you would feel more comfortable in a private, clean facility, we have two hour time blocks (with options) available for Private Sessions, Celebrations and Private Birthday Parties!

We are committed to cleaning our facility before and after each event/function.














Studies done by the Consumer Products Safety Commission show that roller skating is 2x safer than playgrounds, 3x safer than football and baseball, 4x safer than basketball and 5x safer than riding a bicycle.