Current Schedule!

Summer Break Matinee's Are back!!

 June 20th.- August 12th., every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1-3pm!

$8.00 Admission & $4. rentals. (if needed)

Our Summer "Learn To Skate" program is every Wednesday afternoon from 12pm-1:00pm.

$10.00 for the Class and following Matinee, $4.00 for rentals. (if needed)

Please, please, please, you MUST be paid and in the door by 12:10pm, with no exceptions. Please understand that it's just not fair to you, us or the other participants if you're late. 

We are still accepting reservations for Day Care and Summer Camp groups!

(Please call 630-898-5830 for more information on camp or group reservations)


**Please notice our change in hours. We are trying hard to combat the staggering rise in costs/goods without raising our admission/rental prices.

We pride ourselves in being a clean, fun and affordable community resource. Open and welcome to all who behave, since 1955! 

 "Roller Skating is the original social networking"..



Monday- 6:30-7:30PM Adult Skate Class  ($10.00) with Head Coach Roger Wampach. No participants under 17 years for this class please.

-7:30-10:00PM  Live Music Monday with Chicago's very own, Carl DeSanti! (recommended 16+ yrs old)

Tuesday Evening-  Available for private rental

Wednesday-  8:00-11:00PM  Adult Night! (ages 17+)

Thursday Evening- 6:00-8:30pm Family Fun Night! $8.00

Friday7:30-10:30PM  Fri-Yay  Night!  Our evening sessions are darker, faster and louder than our Matinees. (NOT recommended for young children or new skaters)

Friday- 10:30pm-12:30am  Adult Skate $8.00 (ages 17+)

Saturday- 12 Noon-1:00PM  Learn To Skate Class (Beginner/Advanced) The cost of this class is $10. It includes the 1-4PM afternoon Matinee that directly follows. It DOES NOT include skate rental. Skate rentals are available for an additional $4. (if needed)

PLEASE NOTE: You must be paid and inside by 12:10PM. It is not fair to you, the other participants or the coaches, if you are late getting in.


Saturday-  1:00-4:00PM Saturday Matinee This session is perfect for families, especially with young or new skaters. We also rent skate training devices for this session

Saturday-  7:30-10:30PM Skate Night! Our evening sessions are darker, faster and louder than our daytime Matinees. (NOT recommended for young children or new skaters)

Sunday- 1:00-4:00PM  Sunday Matinee This session is perfect for families, especially with young or new skaters. We also rent skate training devices for this session


Admission for an evening session is $10. (except Thursday & Friday Adult Late) Admission for a daytime Matinee is $8. Skate Rentals are $4. for all sessions. (If needed)


Birthday Parties 

You can book a birthday party during any public session! The cost is $22. per person. It includes Admission, Skate Rental, Food, (Hotdog/Chips or choice of Pizzas) Drinks and an Ice Cream cup for each guest. You also get a designated party themed table and party hostest to cater to your guests. You bring the cake and we make it a party!!

Birthday Party Requierments:

1) Parties are booked with a minimal of 10. If you do not have 10, you may add adults to complete the minimal number.

2) You are required to provide us with a guest list (first name and last initial) of each party guest you've invited. (It saves confusion and guarantees that you are not charged for uninvited guests.) Email, Fax or please bring with day of the party.

3) **Please note and be aware of this.

Due to space limitations, only the scheduling parents are included at no charge. All adults (other than bday parents) will be charged a $5.00 admission if they wish to stay for the party. It would be an aditional $3. to $5. (depending on session) if they then wish to roller skate. Skate rental is not included, they are $4. if needed. You, as the birthday parent may choose to pay the admission for the extra adults if you wish or they can pay at the ticket window upon entry if staying. "Thank you for understanding that we are a facility built in 1955 and we're limited in off floor space. These parties are intended for a child's birthday/celebraton. If you wish to have a family party/large group, please consider booking a private event". Thanks, ASC.

Also note that ALL birthday parties have a server and an 18% gratuity is added. 


Book a private birthday party or celebration! 

Book a (2) hour time block on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Parties are from 4:30-6:30pm or from 5:00-7:00pm. (between public sessions) for $500.00, up to 75 people (skating and non-skating guests) includes rental skates.

You may also add a Pizza Party and/or open Fountain Drinks at an additional cost, if desired.

*Parties are booked on a first come, first served basis. A deposit is required to reserve any type of session or private party.


We Are Now Booking Summer Fieldtrips and Day Care Center Outtings!

Book a (2) hour private outting for your group, or book a small group outting during one of our up-coming Summer Matiness!

$8. per student, includes Roller Skate rental! ($12. per student if Lunch/food is eaten at our facility *private rental only*)

* Minimal of 10 students required to book with a Small Group Discount during a public session. Minimal of 25 students required to book a (2) hour private outting.


To book a party, please call the Rink @ 630-898-5830 



Please note the CDC advises that older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions might be at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19. Guests should evaluate their risk in determining whether to attend. People who show no symptoms can spread COVID-19 if they are infected, any interaction with the general public poses an elevated risk of being exposed to COVID-19, and we cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed during your visit.

We appreciate your cooperation during this unprecedented time. Visit the CDC website for the latest guidelines.







Studies done by the Consumer Products Safety Commission show that roller skating is 2x safer than playgrounds, 3x safer than football and baseball, 4x safer than basketball and 5x safer than riding a bicycle.