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All Parties Includes:

Personalized Service from a Party Hostess.
An 18% gratuity for your hostess is added automatically.

  • Admission and Rental Skates (regular, speed, or inline skate) for each paid party guest, if needed.
  • Each Party Guest Is Given a Free Skating Pass to use at a future date.
  • Decorated Birthday Plates, Cups, Napkins, Utensils & Placemats.
  • Ice Cream and Soda.
  • Designated party area for entire session.
  • DJ Announces Name During the Hokey Pokey (afternoon sessions).
  • A Song Request by Birthday Child.
  • Saturday Afternoon Party Guests: Children who are new to roller skating or in need of extra attention are welcome to attend the scheduled Kids' Class from 12:00 to 1:00 at no additional charge. (Please check the website's "Daily Calendar" for Saturday's class schedule.)

The Regular Party (Minimum-10)

$12.00 for each paid guest.

Includes The Basic Party Package, plus:

  • 1 Small Soda during dessert time.

The Deluxe Party (Minimum-10)

$14.00 for each paid guest.

Includes The Basic Party Package, plus:

  • 1 Hotdog, Chips and small soda (per party guest)
  • 1 Extra Small Soda (during dessert time) for paid guests only.

Ultimate Party (Minimum-10)

$16.00 for each paid guest.

Includes The Basic Party Package, plus:

  • 3 Pizzas (for first 10 paid guests) or 1 pizza for every 4 paid guests.
  • Unlimited Soda for party guests only (during pizza time and dessert time only, water available during the entire session).
  • 1 glowstick per guest.


Did you know that you can add a pair of brand new Lenexa Hoopla or Pacer GTX-500 quad skates for the birthday child at a greatly reduced cost?  This benefit is exclusive to those that complete a registered birthday party at the Aurora Skate Center.  Must be ordered within 5 business days of the party to assure arrival by party day.  This will create a lasting memory of their special day!!

  • Hoopla Skates are available in sizes J10 thru 5 (White w/ Pink Wheels & Black w/ Teal) or J10 thru 12 (Black w/ Red).
  • GTX-500 Skates are available in sizes 1 thru 10 (White w/ Pink Wheels & Black w/ Teal) or 1 thru 12 (Black w/ Black or Lime).
  • Hoopla Skates:
    Reduced cost:  $47.00 + 7.5% tax = $50.53  (Savings of $19.35)
    Regular price:  $65.00 + 7.5% tax = $69.88 
  • GTX-500 Skates:
    Reduced cost:  $62.00 + 7.5% tax = $66.65  (Savings of $13.60)
    Regular price:  $79.00 + 7.5% tax = $84.93

Discussion Points:

Registering for a party: We require a $25.00 non-refundable deposit to register the party. You can register (1) on-line using the large green buttons, (2) stopping by the rink in person, or (3) calling us at 630-898-5830 to reserve a party.  You can use Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, or Discover credit cards or cash to make the deposit. You will settle up before you leave using cash or credit cards.  We no longer accept checks.

You bring the kids and you bring the cake (or cupcakes or birthday cookie, etc.). We take care of the ice cream & soda (and food, if ordered). No outside food or drinks are allowed (except the cake for registered parties only).  Additional food and drinks may be ordered at any time by adults through the hostess.

We do not charge spectating parents (or grandparents) to be in the skating rink. If adults from your party decide to skate, they will not be charged the party price; rather, they will be charged the regular admission and skate rental. If you have fewer than the minimum number of guests, adults can be substituted for the kids.  You will tell us (on the day of the party or when registering) whether or not you will pay for the adults or if they are to pay for themselves.  Please keep in mind that we are limited in space and try to accomodate all patrons, so please keep adult family member attendance to a minimum.

We do not allow any young people (excepting ages three or four and under) to be in the building without skates on. That applies to teens and twenty-somethings without children. Please be especially attentive to babies and toddlers as they are at risk of being run over accidentally. Most parents appreciate not needing to be concerned about young people who are "Hanging Out." Private birthday parties (renting the rink) have some flexibility with this policy.

The use of our regular, speed, or inline rental skates is included in the party package.

Please remind your guests that headgear of any type (hats, head scarves, dewrags, bandanas, beanies, etc.) is not permitted while skating. The reason is simple: if a hat, headband, or dewrag falls off the head, someone else can be tripped and hurt badly. Our concern for the safety of other skaters overrides anyone's desire to wear headgear. When we make exceptions (for cancer treatment or religion), the cover must be so securely set that it is impossible to dislodge. Helmets with chin straps may also be used providing the chin straps are in use.