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So you want to rent the roller rink. Here's what you need to know.

  1. There are several factors that determine the cost of a typical party.
  2. Is it a closed, private event? Or will you be selling tickets?
  3. The number attending will influence personnel requirements (DJ, floor guards, skateroom, snackbar).
  4. Do you want food provided for the skaters?  Generally, excepting cakes for a registered birthday party, no food or drinks can be brought into the skating rink. We are particularly proud of our snackbar and the quality of the food we offer. Our pizzas are exceptional.
  5. How long do you want to rent the skating rink?  Typically, school parties, church outings, family reunions, and corporate events are two hours in length.


You absolutely must let us know prior if you will be selling tickets to your event!

Pivate Party/Closed Events:

Two hours: $450 (add $75 for each additional half hour, up to 75 people. add $150 over 75 people)  To check the availability of your preferred time, see the "Daily Calendar."  A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to book a private party.

Ticketed Event/Fundraiser:

You must be a non-profit/not for profit organization to book this type of event.

Two hours: $750 (add $150 for each aditional half hour) up to 75 people in attendance. To check the availability of your prefered time, see the "Dailey Calendar." A non-refundable $150 deposit is required to book a ticketed event.

You may place a $50 deposit online to hold your time slot, but, you MUST speak to the rink about your event and pay the remaining $100 to guarantee your spot. (You may call or stop in)  No exceptions!

PLease Note: If you book a private party, then sell tickets to your event, you will be charged $10 per person for everyone attending your event for a two hour party, $12 per person for a two and a half hour party. It is deception and "Theft of Goods" to do so. Charges will be filed if you do not pay the per person fee at the time if the event, if found to have sold tickets without our knowlege.

We do have fundraiser options where we charge at the door, then return a percentage of all sales back to your organization. Please ask for details!


After reading the following information, if you wish to book your private party, please click the following link:


RENTAL SKATES:  (regular, speed, or inline)

We prefer to include our rental skates in private parties.  This permits party attendees to get any type of skate they want without the need of a ticket.  We do, however, have to cover our increased personnel costs for larger parties.


  • For private parties:  75 or fewer there is no adjustment charge.
  • From 75 to 150 we charge a flat rate of $75 (to cover the increased personnel costs).
  • For parties with more than 150, or for any party that requires even more personnel, we charge a flat rate of $150. Maximum of 300 in attendance allowed per Kane County Fire Protection.
  • For Ticketed Events/Fundraisers: 75 or fewer there is no adjustment charge.
  • From 75 to 150 we charge a rate of $750. It is $750 for every additional 75, up to 300 maximum. (per Kane County Fire Protection)


SkateMate trainers are an excellent aid for young people who have never skated before.  They accelerate the learning curve considerably. We provide the SkateMate trainers to the beginning skaters in private parties at $3 per trainer or unlimited use for $25.  The SkateMate trainers are not intended to be used as toys.  For the safety of the other skaters, they can only be used for training purposes and must be used next to the side walls.


Aurora Skate Center's snackbar is always open during skating parties and public sessions. You can structure your party to include food (usually, a slice of pizza and a medium soda or a pizza buffet and open fountain) for a special discounted price or you can have the snackbar available to your skaters should they wish to purchase food for themselves. No outside food or drinks can be brought into the rink at any time (excepting a birthday or celebratory cake for registered parties).


We currently use FEC Music Entertainment, which offers a wide selection of genres and controled editing. Our DJs are very skilled in adapting our library of music to the tastes, age, and backgrounds of our skaters. Music with explicit language or content is never played during public sessions. The music played in a private party can be more flexible, but a responsible adult must decide what type of music is acceptable and can be requested by your guests.

One non-negotiable rule:

No person wearing skates can pick up a child at anytime. It doesn't matter how good a skater you think you are! The recent death of a youngster (fortunately not in Illinois) serves to remind us of the obvious danger of a fall with a child in hand. Read FAQ for more insight into this issue.

Negotiable Rules:

Generally, no headgear of any kind can be worn on the skating floor. The reason is simple: if a hat, headband, or dew rag falls off the head, someone else can be tripped and hurt badly. Exceptions would involve recent surgery, chemotherapy, or religious requirements.

During public sessions, we do not charge spectating parents or grandparents to be in the building. We do not allow any young people (excepting age three or four and under) to be in the building without skates on. Most parents appreciate not needing to be concerned about young people who are "Hanging Out."  Private parties have some flexibility with this policy.