School and Skate Programs


We invite you to explore our fund raising opportunities
for your school or parent organization.

These programs return significant dollars for your use.



School or Parent Organization Fundraisers

School “Rebate Skate” Program - Check out our Dates or Dates by District

When your school is closed (full or half-day), the skating rink frequently has a skating session scheduled especially for your students. They now have a supervised place to go…off the streets and out of trouble.  One dollar ($1) from each admission from one of your students and from each skater attending with your student is returned to your school’s PTA/PTO/Home&School/PATT parent organization.  The rebate can be used for any school-related project that you choose.  All the parent organization needs to do is publish the “Rebate Skate” dates to your students and families through e-newsletters, emails, flyers, posters, etc.  We ask every person attending a rebate skate matinee what school they attend and track those numbers through the year.  We then deliver checks to every school's parent organization.  What could be easier?  As one superintendent said, "It's free money!"  The more you do to make your students aware of the skating matinees, the more likely it is that they may attend a session, and, therefore, the more money your organization earns for the next year.  If you do nothing, you will still receive a check for those who do attend from your school.  We want very much to help the schools and parent organizations.  This is just one of the ways we have found to be a part of the community and a part of helping students earn a meaning full education.

Fundraising Parties: Book any number of fundraising parties (September through May).

To host a fundraising skating party, the school PTA/PTO/Home&School/PATT parent organization requests available dates (see "Daily Calendar") from September through May of the school year. Simply let us know that you wish the skating party to be a fundraiser. PTA/PTO/Home&School/PATT parent organization receives 25% of the collected admissions for 50 or more students, skate rental, novelty shop, SkateMate trainers, and snackbar revenues for that party (15% for 49 or fewer students). Some schools may choose to combine their parties with other schools in their district.  Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6-8, and Saturday or Sunday afternoons from 5-7 are the most popular times for school fundraisers.

Other School Programs

Summer "Free Pass" Program

Every summer Aurora Skate Center provides a skating pass to every elementary and middle school student in 11 school districts.  The pass permits them to skate once a week for ten weeks, free.  Either directly or indirectly, the superintendents of the school districts have approved this program.  Also participating in the program are the local Catholic and church schools and Homeschool networks.  During the summer of 2017, 106,000 passes are being distributed through the schools.

The Summer Free Passes are usually distributed through the PTA/PTO/Home & School/PATT parent organizations or by the principals in several school districts. The three days during the summer are Tuesday (yellow pass), Wednesday (blue pass), and Thursday (green pass) afternoons from 1-4pm.  Over the past five years, approximately 70% of the skaters at each summer matinee used the school passes!

Free Pass for Every "A"

Every 5th through 8th grade student who earns an academic "A" on their first report card of the year can get a free pass to skate at the Aurora Skate Center. That is, a free pass for every academic "A" earned on the first report card...six "A"s = six free passes.  Simply stop by the Aurora Skate Center with your original report card to pick up your free passes.  Congratulations!  We love rewarding outstanding academic effort. Studies show a strong beginning to an academic year usually predicts an excellent overall performance.  We hope to contribute to their motivation and are pleased to reward students who do well.  Please remember that the free passes must be picked up before the second report card is issued.

Need a party to begin the school year that will bring everyone together? Want to hold a party (not a fund raiser) for the 5th grade at the end of the school year? How about a mother/son or father/daughter party? Some schools host a "Family Fun Night."  Here’s the perfect party package for you.

Private Party
2-Hour Party:  $6.00 per skater (minimum, 75 skaters)
Skate Rental:  $4  (regular, speed, or inline)
Snackbar will be open. 

Rent the Rink

2-Hour Party: No Minimum. Renting the rink begins at $450. For information see the description and explanation on the Website/Party Info/Private Parties.

School & Private Party Available Days and Times

Available Days & Times

Tuesday: 6-8pm
Saturday and Sunday: 4:30-6:30, 5-7, or 4:30-7:00pm
Morning and Daytime Parties: Mon., Tue., Fri.

Check the “Daily Calendar” on website for availability of dates.