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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do you inspect our skates and what are you looking for?

The reason we inspect everyones' skates is to protect our wood floor. Serious damage can be caused by exposed locknuts on the axels of inline skates, missing toe stops, extended bolts or axels, oversized plates, missing wheels on inline frames, loose fittings on inline boots, etc. Fortunately we have excellent inline rentals should we reject your inlines. Please do not take our decision personally, we simply want everyone to be able to enjoy the best skating surface in the Chicago area.

Why can't we wear headgear?

Safety. That is the main reason. Not yours, but others skating around you. A hat, sweatband, or dew rag that is dislodged by wind, a fall, or horseplay can be very dangerous to other skaters. We do make exceptions. During private parties the host may chose to disregard the rule (party hats, for instance). Someone going through chemotherapy or just back from a surgery may need to keep a hat on. Certain religions require a covered head. We will accommodate those needs providing the headgear is so securely fastened that there is no chance that it can be dislodged.

Why do you prohibit picking up children by someone with skates on?

I want to answer this one candidly. First, every skating rink prohibits picking up children (just as every rink inspects skates and prohibits headgear). Second, I am aware of two fatal events in the history of skating rinks (hopefully, there have been only two). In one of the events, a child's head hit the floor when the parent fell, in the other a father fell on the head of his child. We had a lady fracture her arm when she picked up her son to get him to a snackbar table quickly only to have a young skater cut her legs from under her by accident. I am not known for emotional outbursts, but I will get in your face if you pick up a child while wearing skates and I will not accept any reason you can think of to justify it. I hope you understand why.

Why can't we skate into the rink from our car?

Outdoor wheels are softer than indoor wheels. They tend to pick up shards of glass and dirt, oil, or gravel often sticks to the wheel. The dirty wheels then wreck the skating surface. If you wear your skates outdoors, please take a moment to clean the wheels and frames before you come skating.

Why can't we bring food and drinks into the rink?

We are allowed to permit birthday cakes (cupcakes or birthday cookies) when you have a registered birthday party. No other food or drinks can be brought in from the outside. I am told that we should consider ourselves as a restaurant and, for health reasons, we are not allowed to permit food or drinks from the outside. Fortunately, we have an excellent menu (as well as the usual "junk" you would expect at a roller rink). Our pizzas are superb and you will be pleased and surprised at the quality and variety of our offerings.