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There are several good reasons to take private lessons. But before exploring them, here's a question that you might want to answer first. "Are you sure that a class wouldn't give you what you want?" Classes are much less expensive, you will be in the company of others who share your interests, and you may discover that attending classes fits your needs adequately.

If your answer to the above is a variation of, "I want more," then please do consider private lessons. Personally, I took lessons from excellent coaches for several years and I have taught private lessons well over 20 years. Nothing is more stimulating than taking a lesson and discovering that you are, in fact, a better skater! For more insight and suggestions, please read the article I wrote some time ago.

Private lessons can assist you if, among many reasons, you are interested in:

  1. Skating safely on inline or quad skates
  2. Skating the dance sets during the sessions
  3. Taking speed or figure skating tests using the Achievement Test Program to measure your improvement
  4. Testing yourself in the competitive arena in roller (speed or figure) skating.

For more information call Jeo Sims at the Aurora Skate Center (630-898-5830) or Roger Wampach, our Head Pro, (630) 404-2670 and we'll be happy to discuss private lessons with you and, if you wish, introduce you to our certified coaches.