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We started bringing our kids to Homeschool Skate at Aurora Skate Center in 2006 when I was pregnant with our third.  I didn't think we'd be able to commit to a rigid sports schedule that Fall with a new baby coming early October.  I figured skating would be good exercise for the kids and we could participate on our own pace.

Of course the kids didn't know how to skate then.  Our oldest pulled herself along the wall and our three year old sat in the snack shop and colored.  After a few months the kids were rolling along under their own power and we haven't looked back.  I knew the kids would pick it up.  I didn't know I would!

In 2009 I bought my own pair of inline skates and purposed to join the kids on the skate floor for part of each session.  (I was 44 years old then and never successfully roller skated as a kid.)  The low impact cardio workout I experienced skating has helped my energy level and improved my muscle tone.

But here's what we didn't expect.  The casual environment is perfect to meet people and enjoy time together.  We have made some great friendships there over the years with other families.  Homeschoolers always have insights, resources, and contacts to share with each other.

Whenever I meet a new homeschooling family, Aurora Skate Center Homeschool Skate is the first place I send them.  I always tell them, "Come to Homeschool Skate, put some skates on your kids, then hang out with the moms and chat.  I'll be on the skate floor with the kids."  Sure, my kids and I love to skate.  But each week what we anticipate most is being together with our friends, including the ASC staff, at Homeschool Skate. ~ Brenda G - 2010